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Purchasing Department

We have many professionals working for our Purchasing department. They are responsible for procuring supplies.

Since 2012, this department with diversified nationalities largely involved in order-placing and was primarily a clerical position. However, as the development of strategic planning and the advent of just-in-time purchasing made purchasing a more crucial business function.

From 2012 to today 2018 our purchase department have completed directly for development of our business and on behalf of our clients many purchase transactions indicated as follow:

  • - 278 orders received
  • - 264 completed
  • - 14 pending

We made our effort to ensure our purchasing activities are often referred to as “supply chain management” and the purchasing department has taken on a larger and more vital business role.

Supply Sourcing

One of the main roles of our purchasing department is to source supplies and parts, and then purchase them. In large companies such as CREO-ARETHA WORLDWIDE this is also include deciding whether to make the item in-house. Our purchasing department often work alongside product development teams to source materials and determine cost of the finished product.

We use trade publications to source suppliers, or go straight to the manufacturer. We used to try to get the correct item at the correct price but some time let be frank, it is difficult.

Our purchasing department works to assist suppliers in manufacturing the item needed. We provide considerable assistance to the supplier.


For items needed in bulk, or specialist items, our purchasing department often use competitive bidding to chose a supplier. The department then, is the responsible for all aspects of the bidding process. For example, when our purchasing department team choses a supplier, it publishes a notice to our public notice page and writes detailed instructions on the bidding process, accepts companies onto the approved list of bidders, handles bid security money, opens and reads the bids publicly and makes a recommendation on which bid to accept.

Supplier Management

In addition to finding supplies and negotiating contracts for the supplies, our purchasing department team make sure he is the responsible for monitoring the supplier's performance.

We evaluate the supplier's performance and quality control. This include monitoring delivery times, quality, cost and performance. For suppliers in other countries, we made monitoring working conditions and our network workers rights.

Such large firm organizations like CREO-ARETHA WORLDWIDE we often certify suppliers once they are shown to meet performance targets. This involve a training and education program, and detailed inspection of suppliers.

Cost Control

Our purchasing departments, especially also is responsible for maintaining strict cost control. For example, to get best price, we used to suggest and ensure suppliers themselves to get a lower cost from distributors and manufacturers. When this is done we mostly increase delivery size, paying on time, ordering online and making sure suppliers use the best practice to satisfact our end clients.

Legal Controls

Our purchasing department is aware of the laws applying to purchasing. As a private company, we mostly and primarily take care of the contract law for governmental tender we respect instructions made by local, state and federal offices.